Started on September 20, 2020

Abhayas ERP,  School Management System can provide following benefits in general to your school:

  • Technology Integration: The technology has evolved as the most important part of every human being life and it made life easier. Integrating such technology into the school will benefit the school in so many ways. The ERP school management software can be accessed at any time from anywhere if it is a cloud education ERP software. Hence the integration of the technology into the schools will make the management of school easier and efficient.
  • Flexibility: Both students and teachers will be able to communicate even when the schools are closed. The campus ERP acts as a good communication platform among the students, teachers, and student-teachers. The non-teaching staff and management will also be able to provide any information on the software from anywhere at any time with the help of ERP school management software.
  • Paperless Administration: The college ERP software made it possible to eliminate the paper clutter in the schools and colleges. The software not only allows the users to enter data but the cloud education ERP software will save all the details in the cloud database which makes it easy to recover when any problem occurs. Students are also able to receive assignments and homework in the form of soft copies.
  • Productivity: As most of the things are managed by university ERP software, the staff will be able to spend their time on some other things. This will immediately increase the productivity of the staff which affects the productivity of school too.
  • Performance: The wastage of time on form fillings or retrieving the information can be reduced with the help of a school ERP system. The entire form filling can be done with a click on the academic ERP software and the information will be retrieved in just some seconds.
  • Information Accessibility: The students will be able to access the information that is present on the college ERP software right from their home. If all the notes are uploaded to the cloud education ERP software it becomes very easy to access the information even from their homes.

We Are Highly Rated by Our Students

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“my daughter used to hate Math before, now she is able to attent Math tests with confidence. She has now started loving maths, too good!”

Jagannath reddy

Happy Parent

” The app has helped me nail the basics to perfection and I have a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Last but not the least it is perfect for our tech savvy generation and I just can’t stop loving this app!”



“I’m finally able to truly differentiate my classroom. This has been priceless for my students’ engagement.”

Vibhav nayar


You really do help young creative minds to get quality education and professional assistance in school administration. I’d recommend it to everyone!

Ramya Prabhakar

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