Started on September 20, 2020

EduMentor is a Plug & Play smart class device to schools.

This is a technology-leveraged teaching-learning system wherein technology does not replace the teacher but rather empowers them to teach interactively and in turn help the students be inspired to learn with a quest for excellence.

 How is the method delivered to students?

 EduMentor will be equipped with pre-loaded content on encrypted pen drive/ hard disk/laptops, which provide the schools with an hassle free way to adapt to our eSmart class solutions.

Options provided to the Teachers:

•They are supposed to switch on the computer and click on the .exe file on the desktop.

•They can select the class and the subject from the dropdown provided.

•They can maneuver to the respective chapter

•Play the videos thereafter.

•They will be provided with the options to Pause, Stop, Play, Mute and Exit the screens.

•They are provided with options to toggle between chapters

•They will be provided with interchanging the language as per their need.

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We Are Highly Rated by Our Students

4.7 out of 5

“my daughter used to hate Math before, now she is able to attent Math tests with confidence. She has now started loving maths, too good!”

Jagannath reddy

Happy Parent

” The app has helped me nail the basics to perfection and I have a strong sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. Last but not the least it is perfect for our tech savvy generation and I just can’t stop loving this app!”



“I’m finally able to truly differentiate my classroom. This has been priceless for my students’ engagement.”

Vibhav nayar


You really do help young creative minds to get quality education and professional assistance in school administration. I’d recommend it to everyone!

Ramya Prabhakar

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